Political issues around Israel.

Saffron Planet

Saffron Planet may be a new ministry, but the four families – or more specifically the male heads of the families – have all been around the block a few times. Steve Maltz has been responsible for the creation, development and marketing of many Christian websites, from Premier Radio to Revelation TV and is the founder of the Saltshakers Messianic website. Steve Jeffery has been responsible for the training of a whole generation of Christian media professionals and is currently the studio manager at Revelation TV.

The Simple Guide to the Middle East Conflict

by Steve Maltz

Much heat has been generated by the subject of Israel and Palestine. This booklet has already provided a simple but effective introduction to this complex issue to thousands of people worldwide.

The Market:
This booklet has already been effective worldwide in giving a simple, clear historical background to the conflict. It can be read by Christians or non-Christians. It has already sold in the 000s.


Holy War - the Spiritual Battle for Israel

by Tony Pearce ( Light for Last Days).

David Ben Gurion, Israel's first Prime Minister, envisaged that within two or three generations Jews returning from different lands to Israel would enjoy a common culture with shared values. The reality today is somewhat different. Many analysts fear that the gulf separating the ultra-orthodox community from secular Israelis is as great a threat to its future as the threat from the hostile nations surrounding Israel.

Christian Zionism

by Derek White

Christian support for the restoration of the Jewish people to the land of Israel has a sound Biblical basis. Despite this it suffers from two levels of attack. The first is that of extremism in which Christian support becomes politically aligned, every action of Israel is seen to carry a Divine sanction, and there is an associated disregard for the wellbeing of the Palestinian Arab and other inhabitants of the land.

While the World watches

By Isaac

There's a cloud of confusion out there that is surrounding us all. It affects all of us, wherever we live, whatever our standing in life. It seeps through to us through the mass media, our window to the world, and because the glass has been tainted, we don't see the full picture, just a clever distortion.