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Steve Maltz

Here is a book written to stir the heart of the average citizen of today’s world by challenging them to think beyond the here and now. It pulls no punches as it provides a creeping crescendo of revelation regarding man and his relationship with God and how the Church has mostly failed in its mission to mirror the image of Jesus.

Some early reviews:

"Just read Hope. Great job. It's excellent. Thank you so much for writing it", Pastor Jon Cluett, The Church at Stirling

"I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It was amazing how Steve managed to pack in so much about science, 'isms', philosophies, man-made theories and everything else under the sun and more importantly Christianity" Jack Sneddon, deacon of Bellshill Baptist Church

"I just want to say how struck I am by 'Hope' - a copy of which David gave me. I so enjoy the engaging way you write, taking the time to connect with the world of the reader and gently introduce your theme. I'm only a few chapters in, but feel I could learn a lot that might apply to my preaching ministry. So thank you, and please be encouraged" Kieran Banks, pastor of Bellshill Baptist Church

"Your latest book is amazing. Written for every Christian … Thank you. The challenge is how to get the message out"  Mike Webb, Quinta Conference Centre

Steve's new book is now available for £4 a copy, or 5 for £10.