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I honestly don't know the answer to this - I know we are all called 'Priests' and 'Princes' and 'Saints'. Personally, I think some are called to minister, some to encourage, some to teach. The Apostles such as Peter and Paul were really quite something, and their testimonies were allowed into the Bible. I don't really know of anyone in our generation who have had the same status.

Major media outlets in the US have ignored the leak of thousands of emails from billionaire George Soros’s Open Society Foundation by the activist hacker group DCLeaks. The OSF is the vehicle through which Soros has funneled billions of dollars over the past two decades to non-profit organizations in the US and throughout the world. According to the documents, Soros has given more than $30 million to groups working for Hillary Clinton’s election in November, making him her largest single donor. So it is likely the case that the media’s support for Clinton has played some role in the mainstream media’s bid to bury the story.

Alfred Edersheim's "At Night in the Temple" and "The Morning and Evening Sacrifice" are taken from his book, "The Temple"

Edersheim's "The Creation"; "The Flood", "Thoughts on the Identity of the Pharaoh of the Exodus and Israel in Egypt"; and "Jephthah"; are from his "Bible History".

Edersheim's "The Fraternity of the Pharisees"; and "Relation of the Pharises to the Sadducess and Essenes, and to the Gospel of Christ"; are from his "Sketches of Jewish Social Life in the Time of Christ".

This is just some feedback we have had from our recent Foundations conference at Brunel Manor. For more about this conference, click hereFor more on our conferences in 2017, click here.

A very big thank you to you, Monica, José, Sarah and the rest of the team for another taste of heaven at the Foundations South West conference.  For me it was akin to arriving at Elim with its 12 springs of water after a long and thirsty walk through the wilderness! Once again, two of the greatest elements of the conference were the FREEDOM and the FELLOWSHIP.  In particular, the freedom to pray and praise spontaneously was a tremendous and freeing blessing.  In many church circles such spontaneous worship is, at best, considered a little odd, and, at worst, frowned upon and stamped out.  Praise the Lord for Foundations!  I particularly found great freedom in the messianic dancing – something that I would have been far too shy to try at any other conference – but at Foundations there is the freedom to do it.  Once again, I leave a Foundations conference with a chink taken out of my “fear” of man.  Hallelujah!  After a day and half of the Foundations experience, on Sunday morning, my heart was overflowing with love for my fellow Foundationers.  What a special bunch.  The Foundations experience allows the Spirit to move in mighty ways, enabling true and deep fellowship to be enjoyed between virtual strangers.  Some of the greatest work was undoubtedly done by the Holy Spirit in the one-on-one conversations – and praise the Lord that at Foundations there is the time and space for these; we were able to minister and be ministered to as gifts of the Spirit were used and perhaps even discovered for the first time. And the bonfire worship was a wonderful new addition! Having sampled Foundations for a second time I am now convinced that this is a move of God.  May the Lord fulfil this vision in this nation and beyond for the sake of the house of the Lord our God! May the Lord bless you all for what you have given to the Body of Christ. Shalom to you all. Barry

Dear Steve and Monica. Thank you for a truly wonderful weekend.  I was so excited on the Friday night that I texted back to my church leaders that 'I thought I had died and gone to heaven' with the worship!!!!!   Whew.     So many are asking about what happened and what we learned and did that I am finding it difficult to find the words to give it justice, so thank you for this summary, which is a good start.. Shalom. Marion

The united spirit of love, fellowship, desire to learn and grow in the Lord. Thank you to everyone involved in organising and running this event. I was only there for the day but wanted more! Although active and fairly intense, I was energised and invigorated by the whole experience. This was Church! Betty

John McLaughlan looks at an often-misrepresented word and marvels at the LORD’s view of us, His people

Chesed, a Hebrew word used about 240 times in the Hebrew Scriptures, conveys aspects of the LORD’s nature that we human beings can perhaps grasp more easily than some of his other qualities. 

An Arizona woman's Facebook post documenting her stunning transformation from drug addict to doting mother and aspiring prison minister has gone viral in recent days, with the woman fully crediting God for saving her life. It was Dec. 6, 2012, when Dejah Hall, 26, says she finally hit rock bottom and got the help she needed. Hall, who was addicted to meth, cocaine and heroin, said her life had spun completely out of control. "I was a monster in every sense of the word," she told KNXV-TV. Hall said that her drug addiction started with pills and "just went downhill from there," eventually leading her to heroin and meth and to a place in which she no longer cared if she lived or died. But it was a candid conversation with her grandfather that served as her final breaking point. "My grandfather was sitting in his wheelchair and he looked at me and said, 'You're hurting me, Dejah,'" Hall recalled. "I really looked at who I had become, a disgusting person."

Hitler published a ‘Jew-free’ Bible. The UN has just given the Middle East 3000 years of ‘Jewfree history’ . Chuck and Karen Cohen reveal how “truth is fallen in the street”…

UN Security Council resolution 2334, passed on Dec. 23, 2016, said all the land Israel liberated in 1967, including Jerusalem and the Western Wall, is illegally occupied "Palestinian Territory," and demanded Israel to halt all "settlement" activity. The Obama administration betrayed Israel by abstaining, thus letting it pass. Yet these verses aided us in prayer in the face of this anti-God, anti-Israel global decree. 

"YHWH brings the counsel of the nations to nothing; He breaks the plans of the people. The counsel of YHWH stands forever, the plans of His heart to all generations." (Ps. 33:6-11) In Isaiah, God the Creator declares, "Behold, the nations are like a drop in a bucket, and are counted as the small dust of the scales… All nations before Him are as nothing; and to Him they are seen to be less than nothing, vanity." (Isa. 40:15, 17; see also 21-23) So the arrogance of the United Nothings is to think they decide what happens with God's land and people. Great judgment will come because of this resolution. When it does, we need to declare, "This is that which was spoken…"

Willie Myers, then 14, found himself in a sea of protesters as 7,000 uniformed fascists tried to force their way through London’s East End. When Willie Myers, aged 14, went to defy Sir Oswald Mosley’s Blackshirts marching through his neighbourhood he had no idea he was about to be embroiled in a terrifying battle that would change history. He found himself in a sea of protesters as 7,000 uniformed fascists tried to force their way through London’s East End where 60,000 beleaguered Jews lived in abject poverty. The Blackshirts had a police escort of more than 10,000 officers – 4,000 on horseback – to clear the way for them. And when mounted police charged into the crowd wielding batons the Jewish schoolboy feared for his life.