Lance Lambert is one of the most distinguished Bible scholars and speakers in Israel today and has an itinerant teaching ministry worldwide.

Claude and Michelle Ezagouri were both born in Algeria but had to immigrate to France when they were thirteen. They met and married in France but have lived and worked in Israel for the past 33 years and have pastored a church in Tiberias for the past 18 years.

Steve Maltz

I specialise in books that don't just tickle the mind but stir the heart and provoke action. I am first and foremost a writer.

Chris and Lindy Hill

Chris preaches and teaches in various locations in the UK and abroad (including Christian television).

Jon is the Pastor of The Church at Stirling, in central Scotland. He came to faith at a young age and moved to Stirling in 1998 to study Environmental Science at the University of Stirling (BSc, PhD).

James Jacob Prasch is Director of Moriel Ministries.

Video files

Promo of the book for the USA

Steve Maltz talks about his book, How the Church lost The Way ... and how it can find it again in this 4 minute video. What has gone wrong with the Christian Church and what can we do about it?

Interview with Steve Maltz on Revelation TV, "Simply The Truth" on December 16th, with Doug Harris. Talking about how the Church has lost much of the truth through the infiltration of Greek philosophy into Christianity