The dreaded 'J' word ? (part 20)

Tying it all together ... #1

This has been a long section, but an important one and no doubt you've already forgotten the earlier points. So, to summarise ...

We learnt that the expectation of a Messiah for Israel was a dominant theme of the Old Testament, though two separate aspects were identified, the suffering Messiahand the kingly Messiah.
We looked at the numerous prophecies in the Old Testament for the Messiah, realising that there were about 60 in all, relating to his birth, life and death. - We saw that the Messiah had to be Jewish and of the line of King David. We also saw that, as a result of a prophecy in the Book of Daniel and the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem (along with the genealogies), the Messiah had to appear at around the beginning of the 1st Century.
We put forward the possibility that Jesus of Nazareth alone fulfilled all of the above conditions for Messiahship.
We looked at his life and background, at how all that he did and said was within a Jewish context and within the context of the Torah. We also saw that he had nothing but love for his people, the Jews.
We learnt about the objections that the Jewish religious establishment had against him. We learnt about the expectations for the kingly Messiah, rather than the suffering Messiah. We saw how this culminated in his death on the cross.
We examined his claimed resurrection and concluded that this was the only explanation for the transformation in the personalities of his disciples.
Now this chapter had an awful lot of material and I'm the first to admit that, due to a lack of space, my treatment of the content is patchy to say the least.

My intention was to give you an overview of the life and death of Jesus. My earnest desire is that, hopefully, I have presented enough evidence for you to reach an opinion about this person called Jesus. If you have or haven't, this section, dealing mainly in history, has been the easy bit. The hard bit's to come in the next section, where I look at what it all means to me and you and everyone else.