The dreaded 'J' word ? (part 14)

QUESTION : What is the Christian view of the Torah?

An important question David, especially as there's a lot of confusion among Christians on this matter.

The situation is a little clearer for Jews who have become believers in Jesus, though, as with mainstream Judaism, there are no hard and fast rules and we see here the whole spectrum of Torah observance.

But the key rule for us Jewish Christians is that, in accordance with the prophecy of Jeremiah, there would be a "... new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah ... ".

Because of this, in my view, the Laws of Moses, the Torah, is no longer strictly binding on Israel. Let's face it, as far as the 613 laws within the Torah, a lot of them are impossible to upkeep anyway, particularly those pertaining to the giving of sacrifices. Since the Temple is no longer with us, these laws can never be obeyed in the way that they had been originally written down.

I know that Orthodox Jews have substituted mitzvot, good works, for these sacrifices, as a way of appeasing God, but, for me, it is faith in the sacrifice offered by Jesus alonethat is sufficient for my salvation, rather than anything I can do to save myself.

Although I don't believe that I'm bound by the Torah, it doesn't stop Jewish Christians (or Messianic Jews, or whatever we want to call ourselves) from observing some of it. Some still keep kosher, others wear a kippah and a tallit. Others keep Shabbat. Most still observe the festivals, particularly Pesach, which, for us, has been endued with new meaning and relevance. So, although the Jewish traditions and teachings are not obligatory for a Jewish Christian, it is up to them individually to decide whether to uphold them.