The dreaded 'J' word ? (part 12)

What's a nice Jewish boy ... ?

Jesus was Jewish through and through.

He was extremely well versed in the Scriptures, he knew the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) inside out, yet knew nothing of the Christian Scriptures (New Testament), as it hadn't been written yet!

He regularly visited synagogues and was no stranger to the Temple at Jerusalem, where, along with other Jews, he celebrated Pesach, Shavuot and Succot.

Hey, he even looked Jewish! Although we have no physical description of Jesus, there's a sort of a clue in the Book of John, Chapter 4. Here he meets a Samaritan woman, who immediately recognises him as Jewish. No doubt she recognised him from the tallit he was wearing. She certainly wouldn't have recognised him from the myriad of 'portraits' we see of him by artists through the ages.

Somehow these esteemed painters seemed to have missed out the tallit, the tefillin, the evidence of circumcision etc etc. Forget the blond blue-eyed Christ of these works of art, instead, in your minds eye think of a dark, swarthy, Jewish-looking, poor Yeshua, dressed in traditional garb and speaking in a mixture of Aramaic and Hebrew.

That's the Jesus of history.