The dreaded 'J' word ? (part 1)

Well, actually, he was a 'Y', not a 'J', but, of course, you knew that already if you'd been paying attention in earlier sections. He was a Yeshua, which is what his mum and dad, Miriam and Yosef, called him.

You can picture the scene. Here he was, out playing in the yard, among the wood piles and shavings. It was time for lunch. If his mum had called him by the name 'Jesus', two things would have happened. Firstly he would have carried on playing, not recognising the command and secondly the neighbours would have been astonished at Miriam's uncanny grasp of Greek, a feat which was about as likely as your average cockney walking up to a pub landlord and asking for a pint of beer in his best classical Latin.

If she'd added the epithet 'Christ', the situation would have been even more ridiculous. Because not only would he have ignored her and the neighbours been astonished at her mastery of Greek, but she would also have been stoned to death for assigning a messianic title to her son. That is because 'Christ', is the English translation of 'Christos', the Greek translation for the Hebrew word 'Mashiach', which mean Messiah, or 'anointed one'.

But surely stoning was a bit harsh? Let us investigate.