And the buck stops here (part 3)

But of course I need to explain some more of that personal admission, or prayer (for that's what it was).

It is a big step, isn't it ? It's because we don't like to change, do we? We like to be in control of our lives, it's one of the central unwritten rules of our modern society. We admire those who seem to be in control. We call them successful. We bestow honours upon them and reward them with riches. Whether they are pop stars, sportsmen, businessmen or actors we set them up as modern day idols. Our media is monopolised by them and so are our lives. We aspire to the example they set. This explains the success of the National Lottery - money brings freedom and freedom brings control - or so they tell us.

But it doesn't always work out the way we want, does it?

Money, talent or fame cannot protect one from illness, or accident or bereavement. However much you may think you're in control, the truth is the opposite. None of us can really be in control of our lives and destinies.

There is only one person who is in control of your life - and it is not you! God, the one who created you (whatever your parents may have told you), has perfect knowledge of your life and destiny. Once you really appreciate that fact, then there is only one outcome and that is to allow God to take charge of your life.

By doing so you will not be relinquishing your rights as a human being and it's not like being taken over by an alien! You will be entering a new life, one where you can be absolutely sure not only has meaning and worth, but has, as a reward, eternal life!

Too good to be true? What's the catch? Now don't be cynical, you're applying the world's rules to the work of God. There is no catch - it's absolutely free! How can you turn it down?