And the buck stops here (part 12)

Final words

If there's one thing that I would like you to consider having read these articles, it is that there are some things beyond the capacity of our puny brains to understand. We live in a highly materialistic world with scientists and politicians offering explanations for everything that they can touch and see but, when confronted by unnatural (supernatural) events they just explain it away as nonsense and fantasy.

The first thing I would like you to think about is God. Do you believe in Him? If you do, do you see Him as just some vague, disinterested power or force or is He a personal, unseen, being who has a personal interest in you and to whom you can talk and make requests?

If you believe or are prepared to believe this then, what are you waiting for, talk to him, already! Speak to him (that's all that prayer is, and you don't need to be on your knees with eyes closed and fingers up your nose) and ask Him to make Himself known to you. Ask him to make clear anything you have read in these articles that has troubled or confused you.

Take my word for it, he will answer you, in His own way and in His time.

Assuming that you're still with me I'd like to now take you one step further. If you believe in God, the ultimate good then you ought to believe in the Devil, the ultimate evil. Where else do you think we get the occult, witchcraft, pornography, child abuse etc. etc. etc.

Now put yourself in the Devil's place. Let's say, in the scheme of things, the Devil has had a free reign to create havoc in the world but has been given a limited timetable. He knows that there will come a time when it'll have to stop and he's going to have to pay the bill! But he also knows that, although his eventual fate is sealed there is one way that he can prolong the world's agony and 'capture more souls'. And that, in some way, concerns the Jews.

Through some mystery, known only to God, but hinted at to His people, the Jews are the key to the destiny of the Devil. Knowing the nature and personality of the Devil (see entry under 'occult, witchcraft, pornography etc.'), don't you think this would influence his attitude towards the one people who can seal his fate? Wouldn't this make him want to pour his wrath out against these people? Could this help us to understand the sad and tragic history of the Jewish people?

Now that we've got this far I think I'll give you another chance to make a decision (unless you've already made it). It doesn't have to be right this minute, it has to be a sincere decision, prompted by the heart, rather than by whatever mood you happen to be in at this moment.

What you ought to do is this: Pray for your eyes to be opened, pray that God will remove the spiritual blindness that has afflicted His people, the Jews, for nearly 2000 years.

These are not just grand words, or me trying to be dramatic, it is a reality. With the Jewish people as a whole there is a veil that separates us from the truth. But, as an individual Jew, this veil can be broken and, perhaps, if you've reached this part of the book intact then God has started some sort of work in your life already.

Remember, God is real. He parted the Red Sea, He fed His people in the wilderness and spoke to Moses through the burning bush. And He still performs miracles today. Put Him to the test and ask Him to make Himself known to you, in a unique way. Don't be afraid, He wants nothing but good for you.

Search for the one who created you with the sure knowledge that you are sure to find Him, because, according to the Bible, it is He who is searching for you.