And the buck stops here (part 11)

Becoming a believer in the Jewish Messiah is a serious decision.

You can be born a Jew, but you can't be born a Christian! All real Christians make a conscious decision to become one, they are not one by accident of birth or through infant baptism, when a baby is baptised into the Christian faith by a parent - that is about as biblical as giving the baby the relevant qualification papers for Chartered Accountancy and saying "he's going to be an accountant when he grows up, so we thought we'd get all the formalities out of the way now!"

At school, when asked about religious background most kids would say 'C of E' (Church of England), not because they have seriously considered and accepted the Anglican Creed, but because they've been told so by their parents, who, in turn, were told so by their parents, and so on ...

In the Jerusalem Report in May 1995 there was a story about a Colorado Jewish mother who agreed to let her child visit a church, to experience a different culture. It appears that the kid, through some mix-up, was accidentally baptised (accidentally baptised!) while he was there, and now is confused as to whether he is a Jew or a Christian!

Don't worry, kid, you're still a Jew! You'll always be a Jew even if you're later baptised into the Christian faith, accidentally or on purpose. As I've tried to explain, you can't ever lose your Jewishness, just as you can't ever lose your gender (mind you ...). I am no less a Jew now that I've added the word 'Messianic' to the front of it, than if I had carried on as a traditional Jew, sort of proud of my heritage, but sort of confused about the whole thing. I am still proud of my heritage and confusion is not an issue any more, I have found my direction and I am eager to help any of you out there who may still be searching for yours.