And the buck stops here (part 1)

And so we come to the end.

We've looked at the facts, the history, the theology. We could leave it there and, though you'd be a little wiser, perhaps able to answer a few more questions on your favourite quiz show, or have some new dinner party topics, that's not enough!

It is decision time because the stuff you've just learnt is not just knowledge, it is saving knowledge. You can read a whole library of books on how to drive a car, see others at it, talk to experts, but, until you do it yourself, you don't reap any of the benefits.

Similarly, do you really want to lose out on the benefits you'd gain from your new knowledge here, if only you did something about it? You have been reading a love story, a story of persistent, undying and undeserved love of a creator for his people. It's a love story with a difference because, whether you are Jew or Gentile, young or old, male or female, rich or poor, the story is about you.

It sounds sentimental and slushy, I know but ..... you are the object of this love. He would want you to know that he loves you and, if it were up to him, everyone would receive the salvation that Jesus has provided for us. All of us have the potential to share the inheritance of eternal life after death that Jesus has made possible for us.

And what is this eternal life? What it all means is that, after death, those of us who accept Jesus in their lifetime will, in turn, be accepted and will live with him for eternity.

And what of the others? This is the difficult bit. The teaching of the Bible is totally clear on this matter - those who reject Jesus will also live for ever after death, but in torment and punishment.

No-one knows what this means in reality, it has fuelled many a discussion in religious circles, but it's best not to take a chance. So, why not do the right thing now?