The whole Bible arranged so that the events are presented in the order that they happened.

Divided into event-based sections with brief headings

Averaging 85 verses per day to get through the whole Bible in a year

From Abraham onwards, I have used the dating system in the Newberry Bible, which seems to be largely based on Bishop Ussher’s dating. It gives a complete system of the time-relationship of events to each other, although I recognise that it may be ‘out’ by a few years relative to our calendar and that there are other dating schemes/ideas. However, it suits the purpose of this reading plan, which is not to give a scholarly dissertation on Biblical chronology, but simply to give an idea of the sequence of events in the Bible.

The prophetical and poetic books in the OT, and the Epistles in the NT, are inserted at the time when they were written, to give the historical background to them. Job is placed between Genesis and Exodus, as its date is uncertain. It probably dates from the Patriarchal period and its insertion at this point helps to give an idea of elapsed time while the Israelites were in Egypt.

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