Jerusalem Conference 2012 - Part 1

The Jerusalem Conference - 21st November 2012. The Church at Stirling

thejacobplan is a ministry of The Church at Stirling which hosts an annual Jerusalem Conference. This is a time set aside for in-depth teaching on the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith and this year focused on ‘Understanding Covenant’ by Pastor Jon Cluett, covered in 3 teaching sessions (approx. 40mins each).
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Here is a talk given by Steve Maltz at Emmanuel CHurch, Llandudno in November 2012. It's based on his book and a passionate attack on the evils of replacement theology and a defence of the character of God in His dealings with His people.

How the Church Lost the Way ...

by Steve Maltz

Tackling the ‘uncomfortable truth’ for the Church, this book packs a heavyweight punch in a lightweight package. With great clarity and style the author explains how the Church has been strangled by its past and how the faith in Jesus Christ was infiltrated by pagan ideas from Greek philosophy that have remained to this day. This book exposes and explains how this affects our understanding of the Bible, God, Church and everything in-between. In this provocative, entertaining and encouraging book, we will explore our true roots and discover practical keys to move forwards.


Steve Maltz

I specialise in books that don't just tickle the mind but stir the heart and provoke action. I am first and foremost a writer. Not being a trained theologian, scientist, philosopher or historian, I am able to interpret the works of cleverer people than myself and present an informative and entertaining narrative for the ordinary person, such as you and I. That is my gift and I thank God for bringing it all together and blessing me with it.

Event at the Crabshell

Let us come together then, for fellowship, to worship God in song and in the study of his Word, so we are not deceived into making up our own righteousness!

The subject this time is, surprise, surprise, "Messiah, the Word of God!

We'll be looking at how Jesus handled his own Word in various instances such as his own temptations, the encounter with the rich young ruler and the woman caught in adultery.

He is our model, after all.

Hash Kama #2015-1 : For Such a Time as This

I have been tidying my bookshelves and I have discovered a sheet of folded paper containing a prophecy. It appears to have been circulated by The Israel Association for The Dissemination of Biblical Writings. This piece of paper has been sitting on my shelf for years, and now comes to light. That interests me because it has been here for some twenty eight years! …so why now? I mean to say, it is not THAT long since I tidied the shelves a bit, but this piece of paper caught my attention this time.