A California judge has granted a temporary restraining order against Godspeak Calvary Chapel and its Pastor Rob McCoy for holding in-person services in violation of COVID-19 health orders.  Ventura County Superior Court granted the order on Friday requiring McCoy and the church to adhere to statewide and county public health orders stipulating that church services be held outdoors with masks and social distancing or online, according to officials. On Wednesday, Ventura County officials sued McCoy and his church for holding in-person services of up to 200 people after the church decided to return to normal services. The church had adhered to all social distancing regulations since Palm Sunday but recently decided to lift its restrictions on parishioners. McCoy announced in a video message Friday that he will continue to hold indoor services. “I wish it didn’t have to come to this, I really do, but we will be violating the judge’s order. … We will be open this Sunday.” He told church members, “Come to church, and if you’re one of the first thousand, you win a prize. You will get a citation. It will be a misdemeanor. It will go on your record; be mindful of that.” McCoy named Supervisor Linda Parks instigated the legal action against the church. "She's a remarkably resilient woman, but I don't understand why she would do this an


The Government must legislate to ensure freedom of speech is protected in university students’ unions, a leading think tank has said. A report by the influential Policy Exchange said Parliament needed to make current legislation clearer and more robust, and impress upon universities and colleges their duty to ensure academic freedom and freedom of speech. In recent years, students’ unions in England have denied pro-life and Christian student groups access to funding, and facilities such as stalls at freshers’ fairs. The report called for a new Director for Academic Freedom at the Office for Students to promote “tolerance for viewpoint diversity” in universities and students’ unions. The role would encourage compliance and investigate possible breaches. It added that guidance should be updated to ensure students’ unions fulfil their “freedom of speech duties” and universities and colleges had to be being willing to support events in the face of “intimidation” and “threats”.


JTA — A Polish-language newspaper in Toronto has published an article blaming Jews for the coronavirus pandemic. B’nai Brith Canada, an organization that fights anti-Semitism, has filed a police complaint over the article published twice by the Głos Polski weekly. “Propagating the lie that Jews are responsible for COVID-19 must be met with criminal charges, especially when someone does so repeatedly,” said Michael Mostyn, the CEO of B’nai Brith Canada. According to B’nai Brith, the article blamed the coronavirus pandemic on the Jewish community, claimed Jews were responsible for the creation of the Islamic State jihadist group, and called Israel the source of the world’s problems and “an emanation of the Devil himself.” The article also claimed that communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan were actually Jewish.