We are less likely to see sexist adverts on our screens as ‘harmful gender stereotype’ ads have been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). Following a review which found some campaigns restrict people's choices, aspirations and opportunities, the ASA have banned companies from showing harmful or offensive scenarios in their advertising. From adverts to women not being able to park a car, or men who cannot change a nappy, although sometimes the case, there are many men and women who can and do, and adverts which perpetuate potentially damaging gender stereotypes will no long be allowed to air; on TV, radio, online and on social media.  Christian gender justice specialist, Natalie Collins told Premier these adverts can have a damaging effect, she said: “A big advert in 2017, was one of the things which triggered this whole process, which showed a baby girl growing up to be a ballerina and a baby boy growing up to be a scientist.


The grip of Islamic militants on northern and eastern parts of Burkina Faso is growing, according to Christian organisation, Open Doors. On Sunday 9th June at least 19 people died in another jihadist attack. “Several dozen armed men carried out an attack on the district of Arbinda, shooting several people dead,” said a local official who wished to remainanonymous. According to the official, the attack took place when a group of assailants opened fire on locals on Sunday morning. Before the attack three vehicles had been stopped and burnt and a driver killed. Burkina Faso had been known for peaceful coexistence between different religious and ethnic groups. But in 2014 a revolution ended the 27-year rule of President Blaise Compaoré. The power vacuum was quickly filled by extremist groups, exploiting ethnic fault-lines and fanning ethnic strife.


A swastika was spray-painted on a Holocaust memorial in the northeastern Argentine city of Resistencia. The Monument to Humanity commemorates, among other victims, Irene Schwimmer de Korytnicki, the last survivor of the Holocaust who lived in the capital of the Chaco region. She died this year. On Wednesday, the Resistencia Jewish community, the Hebraica of Resistencia Jewish Community Center and the local representative branch of the national Jewish umbrella group DAIA condemned the attack as “part of the anti-Semitic events that are taking place in Argentina, which threaten the coexistence and democratic values of society.” They called on authorities to investigate.