Sermon - Tree of Life

Speaking on "Messiah, prophet, priest,king" on 5th May 2017

Speaking on "Jonah the prophet" on 28th April 2017

Speaking on "Yeshua our suffering king" on 21st April 2017

Speaking on Passover on 14th April 2017

Speaking on 'The message to Ephesus' on 7th April 2017

Speaking on 'The High Priest and the Priesthood' on 31st March 2017

Speaking on 'Return to Pergamum where Satan dwells' on 24th March 2017

Speaking on 'Available to God' on 17th March 2017

Speaking on 'Purim - know your enemy' on 10th March 2017

Speaking on 'The timing of the Messiah - part 2' on 3rd March 2017