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The subject of Israel is guaranteed to cause a stir in Christian circles and one question that is often raised is this, ‘Is the modern State of Isr

This week my guest is Ofer Amitai.

Today my guest is Shukry who lives in the Old City of J’lem.

My guest today is called Eliezer Louvendal.

Today we’re in the Old City of J’lem talking to Mazen Naswari, pastor of an Evangelical church there.

My guest today is David Ortiz, originally from Puerto Rico, today he is married to Leah and together they pasto

One of the emerging stories of recent times is about the numbers of Muslims who are becoming believers in Jesus

Recently whilst in J’lem I met with an Israeli Arab Christian leader over breakfast to hear about a meeting he

My guest today is Victor Kalisher.

My guest today is Victor Kalisher.