Middle East Report

Stories this week include:  the President of Israel draws attention to the traditional site of the Baptism of Jesus this Christ

Stories this week include:Israeli health system gears up for new coronavirus vaccine, looking at the needs of the persecuted church this Christmas

Stories this week include: Israel is facing an unsettled holiday season, concerns raised over change in US policy over Jewish Communities and large

Stories  include: The first ever commercial flight on an Israeli airline to the United Arab Emirates takes place, Christian voice helps suppor

Stories this week  include mathematics  proficiency in Israeli schools affected by the pandemic, despite restrictions Eurovisio

Stories include:  Israel's armed forces commemorates its occupation of Southern Lebanon, Turkey continues to be a growing threat to the region

Stories this week include:  the death of the Chief Palestianian Negotiator is marked by both Israel & the PLO, the cloud continues over la

Stories this week include: New excavations  display the history of Jerusalem, Christchurch Heritage centre continues to preserve early protest

Stories include: Jerusalem experiences unusual rainfall, ministry helps build bridges between Israel and its Arab neighbours and  UA

Stories this week include: The President of Israel makes   final speech to the nation, Hundreds of children given  chance of new lif