In his article for the Mail on Sunday (5th May 2016), speaking about the police Peter Hitchens said, “Yet this – the gathering of louts in the stre

“His blood is on us and on our children!” (Matthew 27:25) – Is it true, as someone suggested to me, that this curse is upon all Jews for all time?&

There is a chorus with the words – “Send the fire today!”  The words make reference to the beginning of the new creation and the day of Pentec

I wrote this article in February 2016, and am reintroducing it after a question recently posed about the Rapture of the Church.  I have correc

Since the day of prayer for the nation last September, the way of wickedness prevails.  At the day of prayer, David Hathaway made a point and

At one time Christmas wasn’t a problem.  Now when you sit down to write your cards, going through the list you try to remember who does and who does not celebrate Christmas.  That is just the list of Christians, let alone Jewish friends and non-religious friends.

Christmas bashing is something of a habit in the UK.  Its popularity rises and falls with some regularity.  The secular world loves the season, but does not love the reason for the season.  Once again Christmas is under attack, this time from Christians.  The blame for celebrating Christmas is placed on Charles Dickens and Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert.  German influence is blamed and paganism, and more besides.  The Bible is quoted, Isaiah and Jeremiah, where in idol worship, some wayward pagan activity and practice was to put silver and gold on trees, (real silver and real gold); the adherents would bow down and worship what they had made with their own hands, which was now their god.  Jesus birthday wasn’t celebrated in the Bible the “leavers” say.  I wonder, did someone forget to tell the angels, shepherds, and the star-gazing guys from the East that eventually showed up, that they shouldn’t be making a fuss?  “God never told us to remember Jesus’ birth, only His death”, is another reason for ditching Christmas, and “Jesus wasn’t born in December anyway”.  God never told the Jews to celebrate Purim or Hanukkah but they do it anyway; and they have a jolly good family time doing so.  Though these festivals are not on the scale of Christmas, I imagine someone profits commercially and financially, selling goods, food, presents etc.  You see the religious Jew, the atheist and non-religious among the Jews all celebrating these festivals with great gusto, even though God never told them to.  I was in Israel during Purim one year.  We were staying in Jerusalem and arranged with friends from Galilee to pick us up in their bus, and drive us down to the Dead Sea for a day with them.  I went in shirt-sleeves to the arranged pick-up point.  While waiting it was a bit cold, so I took my coloured towel from my bag and wrapped it around my head and shoulders.  There was this bearded fellow, standing in a busy road in Jerusalem, looking like I don’t know what.  People were smiling, laughing, waving, honking their car horns.  I think they thought I had dressed for Purim.

A spiritual song that developed during the period of slavery was “Nobody knows the trouble I've seen.  Nobody knows but Jesus…”  Some mig

We have probably all heard or used the phrase “sold down the river” when speaking of a profound betrayal.

Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves!

Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

When Britain first, at heaven's command,