Jon Cluett

Jon is the Pastor of The Church at Stirling, in central Scotland. He came to faith at a young age and moved to Stirling in 1998 to study Environmental Science at the University of Stirling (BSc, PhD). During his study he became aware of the influence of the Greek mind-set on the interpretation of scripture and its influence and dangers such as in Replacement Theology, and he was forced to re-evaluate many of his theological positions. Pastor Jon is convinced that the best way to study scriptures is from their Hebraic perspective and he Pastors the church in this way, teaching everything from this perspective, creating quite a “Remarkable Church” (Steve’s blog 9/20/11)!

All of Pastor Jon’s weekly teaching is delivered through a Hebraic approach to scripture and is available for free download at
Please contact the church office for a full catalogue of teaching including titles such as The Barnabas Effect; Christmas Debunkers; The Feasts of the Lord; Understanding the Mystery; Origins; Outrageous Faith; Prophet, Priest and King; The Time of the Gentiles; Times, Seasons and Holy Rehearsals, The Jerusalem Conference.

Pastor Jon is well able to teach on Church, Hebrew Roots, Israel, Evangelism, How to Build a Church from the Hebrew Roots up. Perhaps his greatest strength as a Pastor is in teaching and communicating the Scriptures in a way that allows people to understand them and then act upon them. Pastor Jon is passionate about ‘equipping the saints to be able to do the works of the ministry’ (Eph 4:11-14) and sees approaching Scripture from the correct perspective as a vital part in being properly equipped! The Church at Stirling are so committed to help people with this they have a ministry called the "Jacob Plan" which helps other Churches approach the Scriptures from their Hebraic Origins and explore the Scriptural basis for blessing Israel.

If there is anything that Pastor Jonathan or The Jacob Plan can do to help you please do contact us