In the never-ending uproar over U.S. President Donald Trump, his administration’s recent move to lift a ban on traditional Christian adoption agencies went relatively unremarked.

Under President Barack Obama, child-welfare agencies were refused federal grants if they wouldn’t place children for adoption with same-sex couples. Last week, the White House reversed that ruling on the grounds that such agencies would no longer be forced “to choose between helping children and their faith.”

This followed a notable speech last month at the University of Notre Dame law school by U.S. Attorney General William Barr, in which he discussed his Catholic faith and passionately denounced secular intolerance.

The Trump adoption reform was condemned by human rights campaigners as “horrific,” “unconscionable” and “discriminatory” against LGBTQ people.

Barr, whose speech provoked a furor, was accused of “toxic Christian nationalism” and of violating his oath to defend religious liberty for all Americans. Liberal Catholics said his positions were “fire and brimstone” and a “threat to American democracy” because they “demolish the wall between church and state.”

Yet the new policy on adoption undid discrimination against Christian agencies. And Barr’s speech was a plea for religious freedom against secular intolerance and a well-founded statement of the Christian roots of American culture.

The significance of all this should not be underestimated — not just for Christians, but for Jews and Western culture in general ...

Thanks, educators, for turning all of these young minds to mush. Will Witt visits UC Berkeley to ask students how many genders there are. (FYI not a single person said "two.")

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For the last few years, researchers have credited the underground church in Iran as the fastest growing Christian church in the world. It has unique characteristics that defy comparison with churches in America and Europe, and in the opinion of some who know it well, the church in the West could learn by studying it.

“The fastest growing church in the world has taken root in one of the most unexpected and radicalized nations on earth,” according to “Sheep Among Wolves,” the outstanding two-hour documentary about the revival that has taken place inside Iran. “The Iranian awakening is a rapidly reproducing discipleship movement that owns no property or buildings, has no central leadership, and is predominantly led by women.”

The documentary was produced by Frontier Alliance International (FAI), which supports disciple-making teams targeting the “unreached” and “unengaged” within the 10/40 Window.

There is a mass exodus leaving Islam for Christianity within Iran, according to FAI.

“What if I told you Islam is dead?” one unidentified Iranian church leader says on the film. “What if I told you the mosques are empty inside Iran? What if I told you no one follows Islam inside of Iran? Would you believe me? This is exactly what is happening inside of Iran. God is moving powerfully inside of Iran.”

Christmas Charity Concert at Campo Santo, Vatican. Sarah Ego (Eliyo) is singing the "Our Father / Pater noster" in Aramaic, the mother tongue of Jesus.

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Simply to say thank you to you and all the team for facilitating and creating space for us to 'be'. It was liberating to be able to float from painting to dancing to singing to studying to being lifted up by preaching and challenged by the teaching. From chatting over a meal to prayer, prophecy, walking round the beautiful lakes and listening quietly. I was free to be me;not stuck in a role or hemmed in tightly by man's control. In the freedom I felt to follow where He led, it was always so different and it could be said that variety is embodied in the one new man reflecting our creator who never controls or puts us in a box labelled this is my role. To know who we are instead of a what ,our identity's sealed by the blood of the lamb. Da dah. It turned into rhyme- how sublime-til next time ?!!!EmojiEmojiEmoji DC

thank you for organising a rare and precious time on the One New Man. I pray the whole team rest well. I connected with many very sweet hearted people. JC

First, let me tell you that I thought that F11 was probably the best so far!  A credit to all the hard work you both do in organising everything! MP ....


Published on 3 Nov 2015
A re-imagination of Paul's time in prison & his letter to the Philippians as an office mock-umentary.
Meet Lucius Picardius, the fictional head roman jailor, and follow his story.


You will arise and have compassion on Zion, for it is time to show favour to her; the appointed time has come (Psalm 102:13)

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Stories this week include:  Israel under fire from rocket attacks, New book by Kay Wilson, survivor of a brutal terrorist attack brings message of hope and schools close in Southern Israel in response to rocket attacks.

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My guest today is Victor Kalisher. We met recently in J’lem where he is the director of Bible Society work in Israel. Victor’s father had survived the holocaust and eventually found his way to Israel.

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Steve Maltz looks ahead to the challenges of 2016

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The Word:  Justice is turned back, and righteousness stands afar off; for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter. So truth fails, and he who departs from evil makes himself a prey. (Isaiah 59:14-15)