The Chinese Communist Party (CPP) is stepping up attempts to prevent information about religious persecution in China from reaching overseas media by threatening pastors with long prison sentences and punishments that could also affect their families. Leading Party members have ordered officials to “spare no cost” to find sources “leaking state secrets” to report the CCP’s growing persecution of Christians and other minorities. More than 100 pastors in northern China were grilled by local authorities about documents their churches had received, according to Bitter Winter, which has itself been declared an “overseas hostile website” by the CCP for its reporting on the persecution of minorities and human rights violations in China. “Interrogations were extremely rigorous: questions were very detailed, asked time and again, to find out if answers are consistent,” said a three-self (i.e. state registered) church leader. Many of the pastors questioned said afterward that they would no longer be willing to talk about religious persecution.